Tenebrae was built as a request from a friend who wanted a simple site to promote her visual novel project. It has since been converted into a basic Tumblr theme.

I built a BMI calculator using PHP for a school assignment and took things a step further with styling the page.

The Saintbloom Fan-Reference Page was built as a personal project for fans one of my favorite ball jointed doll companies. The dolls are an uncommon size for BJDs (Barbie sized, but much thicker) and resources are not abundant. Therefore, I compiled everything together that I knew on what clothes/eyes/wigs fit these dolls so others would have a set of resources too!

The Forest is a personal project of mine, hopefully to source the stories I've come up with for my ball jointed dolls. Currently, there are no stories in place, but you can explore what I do have available.

This was built as an ad page for a comic my friend is writing. The goal was to make it single page with enough design aesthetics to draw attention, but not distract from the script.