Welcome to the Forest

Tread lightly.

The Forest exists in and of itself, a place that rests between time and space-- an echo of nothingness. The trees are tall and strong; infallible. A tiny town rests in the center. Many have found themselves here, but they're never sure how. Nor do they know how to leave.

You must be careful where you go in the Forest. Everything is a mystery, even to its inhabitants. Trust no one, and understand that if you hurt anything or anyone, that you will be found by the Guardian. You will not survive.

The town in the center is quite old, no one is sure how it got there. There's a large house surrounded by many smaller houses. One family has control here. They have one daughter and one son, though they choose not to speak of the daughter. Born snow white, her eyes a bloody red, she's terrifying to behold. Her vision is poor and she is regarded as a mistake.

Once, the Guardian was a part of the Town. When she was young, she ran away upon seeing the heinous things that the humans would do. With a promise to protect the Forest's inhabitants, she was granted eternal life. It still shows that she once was among the humans with how she clothes herself, but none think anything of this. She is benevolent to most, but she shows no mercy to those who harm others.

There is a young satyr as well, loyal and trusting to the Guardian. She trains herself to be just as strong, and her skill with a bow and arrow is unmatched. She's almost always silent, but always thinking.

Two friends wander the forest and sleep in a tree hollow-- a four footed creature and a strange alien girl.

Deeper still and we find our Princess. She's very plain, but beautiful. She traverses amongst the residents of the Forest and regards them all as her friends. She plays at being naive, but she harbors more power than anyone can imagine. By her side are two guards-- deer men-- and a beautiful young girl that smells of flowers.