She has an affinity for flowers and nail polish. She likes to play with all the colors available to her, to see all those colors and how they change. Vibrant blossoms until the cold frost comes.

She's in college now, but her initial attraction to web design started in eighth grade when she played on a virtual pet site that allowed users to customize their profiles with HTML. She desperately wanted to do what all the other people could, taking something simple and bland-- white background with black text, sparse pictures, and make it beautiful. The site went down and her time became dedicated to making a site to host her stories. She's come far from the days when she thought table layouts were a grand idea.

Math is her enemy, but it doesn't stop her from pursuing math based programming. Perhaps quadratic equations are over her head, but the lines of PHP are not. PHP makes sense-- CSS and HTML speak to her. Math may be a weakness, but it is not a hindrance nor a downfall.

Despite being a bit shy, likes people-- she likes designing and planning projects with others. The merging of ideas is one she enjoys, along with learning from new people. She works well alone too, easily to get into a zone of design and programming and trial and error.

Her major is Web Development at Sinclair Community College. She hopes to have that degree in her hand soon, and looks forward to working on her dreams and aspirations. She also interned with the web magazine Sparkler Monthly.

Flower stock courtesy of Resurgere @ deviantART.